Flower Garden

Wrap Yourself With Colourful Flower Garden!


Flower Garden is a hand-dyed silk scarf. It is decorated with vivid violet flowers and green leaves on a beige background. 

The Flower Garden scarf was inspired by my recent wintertime trip to sunny Malta. It will be perfect to refresh you during the flourishing spring days.

The Flower Garden scarf can also be made for your special occasion or celebrations. I will need 4-6 weeks for dyeing the highest quality artwork. Each artwork is completely unique and you won't find exact copy anywhere else.

This Fower Garden scarf requires hand washing in warm water with a bit of natural soap and ironing on the lowest temperature settings.

Technical Information (Silk Scarf):

Size: 1400 mm x 450 mm

Material: Silk (very soft, delicate, semi transparent and a bit glossy)

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Price: starting from $190 per scarf 

I can draw anything you want. Also size can be adjusted for your needs. Let's talk this through!

Also men's tie is available. Price: starting from $150 per tie.

I can create both scarf and tie - it will be a perfect gift for a couple. Choose to add men's tie in the same or different design. It will make a nice combo together with the scarf and recepients will be very happy for the nice surprise. Many young couples have received this special gift on their wedding day and marriage anniversary. I can make the drawings for each occasion and shape it based on the people's characteristics who receive ir.

Purchase Details: 

Feel free to contact me: MyWarmArt@gmail.com.

Written by

Lelde Ku

22 Sep 2016

Exploring new technologies for creating art.