Juicy Land: Peel Me

What Would Your Orange Juicy Dreams Look Like?


The amazing pieces of art are unique and stylish - 100% wool felt rug and mat that will supplement your interior. 

100% Merino wool felt is one of the softest and highest quality wool types. The 100% wool felt material ensures warmth when lying on it and is soft on the skin

The only material that this unique artwork is made of is wool felt. The pieces have been put together using geometrical principles and with wise interlocking technique.

The dyes used in the colours of the material are natural, so the wool felt should not cause any allergies. 

The rug and mat are unique and have been cut and assembled by hand, so you might find small imperfections.

Smallest parts are roughly 80 mm x 80 mm.

Technical information:

Size of the rug: 640 mm x 440 mm, 3 mm thickness

Size of the mat: 380 mm x 380 mm, 3 mm thickness

Colour: Orange


  • 100% Merino Wool Felt,
  • non-toxic and complies with:
    • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100,
    • UNE-EN 71-2,
    • UNE-EN 71-3.

100% Wool Felt is:

  • hard-wearing,
  • water repellent,
  • naturally stain-resistant,
  • odour-resistant,
  • non-flammable,
  • soft and extremely durable.

Care instructions:

  • naturally heat and moisture-resistant,
  • wipe off spills immediately,
  • can be spot-cleaned with soap and water and air-dried, or it may be dry-cleaned,
  • cannot be bleached,
  • do not use washing machine or tumble drier,
  • do not let soak for long periods of time,
  • may discolour if kept in constant direct sunlight,
  • shake and tap firmly outside to reduce dust build-up,
  • shake and vacuum carefully with a hand-vacuum or low-powered wand vacuum (avoid powerful vacuums with strong suction).
Purchase Details: 

Feel free to contact me: MyWarmArt@gmail.com

Price: $640

Written by

Lelde Ku

23 Sep 2016

Exploring new technologies for creating art.