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Cosmos comic art

Pirate Island!
Cosmosian floogle-horn
You've got the Touch!
Cosmos Selfie!
Wake-up call!
Prom Zombies!
Behold! A scintillating selection of artwork from my comic strip Cosmos, featuring both comic strips and one-off spot illustrations!


On January the 1st, 1999, a idea called 'Cosmos' leapt out of my brain and slapped me until I frantically started drawing comic strips just to get it to stop - these days, it dwells majestically on the interwebs (on Comic Fury and Wordpress, among other places), and has amassed a veritable cornucopia of comic strips, greeting card art, vector illustrations, and even motion graphics pieces! This is a selection of material taken from that intimidating throng, and presented for your delectation and amusement..... 

Written by

Jon Kay

13 Oct 2016

Hey there! Jon Kay, cartoonist-at-large, here! I am an Auckland-based creative-type person....