the Intellectual Fashion Show

my heels are keeling (killing) Me, the Intellectual Fashion Show- Gus Fisher Gallery


Choices resumed in a fashion accessory. How much are we ready to pay to show ourselves the way we would like to be perceived, the way we think people will like us more.

We all have a pair of shoes we love, we want to show off, we feel great with or we hate but we still have to wear…even though they are…killing us.


I am a French Visual Artist with a Fashion Design background; I live in New Zealand. I blend stories, layers like in my life with reference to both cultures. Initial concepts start with personal photographs I blend like collage on my computer

Making pieces make me feel more as a whole with my philosophy and art practice.


I always had a fascination for shoes, as a designer, a woman, an artist. Like a canvas, they allow to portray my imagery in another dimension. The Intellectual Fashion Show portrays the writings of June Black about Fashion, people.




Written by

Beatrice Carlson

13 Oct 2016