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Trialling the text layout
Planning the text layout
For Women's Refuge NZ as seen at NZ Sculpture OnShore 2016


It must seem, for many people, that there is no way out from domestic violence and the harm that it does. Women's Refuge plays a vital role in the breaking the cycle, but too often people (and especially the media) focus on the negative aspects of domestic violence; the statistics, the harm and the outcomes. 

My intention, with this work, was to highlight the hope and positive outcomes for people who are Women's Refuge clients, based on the stories of those who have moved beyond the need for Womens Refuge.

Reading the stories of some of the many women that Women's Refuge has helped was a sobering experience. It is these stories that have inspired this work.

Over 10 days from 31 October to 10 November, we worked the text 'what a thing of beauty is a sense of self-worth' over 34 metres of temporary fencing. Come and watch the progress or lend a helping hand.

Written by

Margaret Lewis

18 Oct 2016

A bit about me ... maker, conceiver and producer at the leading edge of urban art practice.