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Adobe Round Trip vector art

2015 animation model
2015 scene set-up
2016 character jump cycles
2016 set dressing
2016 scene set-up
Animation and design from the Adobe Round Trip Project!


In 2015 and 2016, I contributed material to the 'Adobe Round Trip Project', where the participants each submit a short piece of film / VFX / animation (up to 6 seconds in length), following a common theme or format, that are assembled into a short film - and set to music - by the event organisers. Both of my film clips feature characters from my webcomic 'Cosmos', using vector art made in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe AfterEffects - the 2015 animation formed part of a sequence where a round object rolled / flew / fell / was thrown from one person's clip to the next, adapting to that environment as it did so; while the 2016 animation centred around the loose theme of 'Trip', whether it be a clumsy stumble or epic voyage; as long as the final 16 frames featured some sort of transition that could reveal and then lead into the next person's clip. I erred more toward the latter, as Cosmos has some pretty crazy environments to get lost in....    

Written by

Jon Kay

1 Nov 2016

Hey there! Jon Kay, cartoonist-at-large, here! I am an Auckland-based creative-type person....