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Not just some Hack – new poetry book from Escalator Press

Everything is here, sun, fish. Everything.
Rob Hack
'Everything is here' is Rob Hack’s first collection of poems. It explores his relationship to his Rarotongan heritage as well as his connection to Niue and New Zealand.


‘Rob’s poems evoke island life through rich imagery and familiarity – and that includes New Zealand. They reinforce our quintessential Pacific-ness and reflect Escalator Press’ aim to showcase the diversity of voices in New Zealand literature,’ said Escalator Press publisher Mary-Jane Duffy.

In his own words, Hack’s poems are ‘about places, people and events that matter in my life. Initially, I wanted to uncover and record my Rarotongan mother’s early life but I later progressed into writing about the Cook Islands, our Niue Island years, my forays into Australia, and poets I admire as well as a lot of other stuff.’

Award-winning New Zealand poet Dinah Hawken describes Everything is here as: “…stories from Porirua East, Niue, Paris, Rarotonga, Sydney, the Kapiti Coast; stories told in spare, accessible poems that are both strongly placed, and full of people and day-to-day things. What delightfully holds everything together is Rob’s easy tone and his characteristic, understated humour.”

Hack is a graduate of the Whitireia Creative Writing Programme and completed his Masters at the International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University, and is also a jack-of-many-other-trades.

This is the first book of poetry from Escalator Press. The cover is designed by internationally renowned graphic designer Sarah Maxey.

Rob Hack was born in Invercargill. His mother was from the Cook Islands and his father from New Zealand. He’s worked as an insurance salesman, greenkeeper, builder, night shift worker, personal trainer, cattle station worker and more. He currently spends his handyman earnings on petrol to visit his grandchildren each week and on second-hand poetry books. He’s lived in Paekakariki since 2005 and has performed his poems in Kapiti and Wellington for 15 years. Rob hosts a poetry show on Paekakariki FM called ‘Not at the Table: poetry and stuff’.

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Written by

Estelle Best

8 Nov 2016