Takahe 02
Virtual Reality - Created lit and photographed in Tiltbrush then finished in Photoshop.


One of a series of images that where photographed inside a virtual reality 3D sketch using a HTC-Vive in a software program called Tiltbrush. The pics were then finished in Photoshop and can be printed out on fine art paper using permenent inks.


Purchase Details: 

Please contact me via my website to discuss purchase of this image which can be supplied in a range of formats and sizes including fine art,  glass, canvas, block and acrylic block prints.

Written by

Peter Shearer

12 Jan 2017

Interests Painting, photography, drawing, photoshop - tools I have used to follow my interests in people and wildlife and now more specifically birds!I enjoy observing, photographing and painting/illustrating birds.