MOHAKA Video Live now, Kahungunu Maranga CD and Takitimu Karanga Tour!

Toni has been presenting at Te Matatini 2017, she has kicked off her Tākitimu Karanga Tour, release Kahungunu Maranga CD and her new music video Mohaka has been launched!


Ngāti Kahungunu Songstress and MC releases new video and CD celebrating Te Matatini 2017!

Toni Huata takes you back to her roots and her core love for her family and Iwi 'MOHAKA' - a stunning new music video from Māori songstress Toni Huata, explores reconnection and family ties. Set against the spectacular landscape of Mohaka, Ngāti Kahungunu – Hawkes Bay, the NZ on Air funded video follows a developing friendship of two pre-teens. Hot on the heels of Toni’s award winning music video Hopukia te tao (best Māori music video 2016) 'MOHAKA' has a country feel, stirring fond memories of a childhood free from the urban pressures. Toni Huata and Penn Productions were proud to premier 'MOHAKA' the music video at Waipapa a Iwi Mohaka Marae with a concert at 5pm on Saturday 4th March 2017.

“Toni Huata has nailed what is good in music. Sing what you know, blend it in with the right instruments and harmonies, but most importantly, when you sing from your roots your message transcends beyond what you could ever imagine”.
Toni Huata: Kahungunu Maranga EP (online) - NZ Musician Magazine. Reviewed by Holly Mc George
NZ News UK -

‘Kahungunu Maranga' is released this year as a CD with 8 tracks, all in Te Reo Māori, country-jazz-swing flavour.

Toni Huata’s beautiful harmonies and arrangements of these songs written by her forefathers, are an ode to tīpuna, whānau and Iwi within the spirit of love and their legacy, all penned by Toni's grandfather Te Okanga Kahutapere (Aussie) Huata.

Uplifting and full of heart, the new recordings 'Mohaka', 'Ō Tākitimu' and 'Ngā Rori', tell stories of this poignant area and of sweet loving memories for land, family, Mohaka, Ngāti Kahungunu and to all those that connect to Tākitimu canoe.

Well known favourites from Toni's previous albums add to this delightful CD package:

Ko Wai Ka Hua' - a love jazz ballad written for Toni's grandmother Ngaro Rangi and the 28th Māori Battalion,
'Te Māori e' - commemorating the Te Māori exhibition journey to the USA in the 1980's,
'Whakarongo a tai' - celebrating connections to Pacific origins,
'Ngā Tukemata' - inspiring unity and strength, performed by Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngāti Kahungunu ki Heretaunga and
'Te Hokinga Mai' with Toni's heartfelt version with Karl Teariki, by Max Mariu, Tom Higgins and Te Taite Cooper.

‘Kahungunu Maranga CD’ is available in store and online from Feb 23rd 2017, distributed by DRM and ODE Records. Also Huia Publishers at Te Matatini where Toni did a fantastic job MCing and performing at this prestigious event.

Also Toni performed in the Kahungunu Festival and has kicked off her Tākitimu Karanga Tour.

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Technical Information: 

Production Companies - Waahuu Creations and Penn Productions.

Funded by NZ on Air.

Shot in Waipapa-a-Iwi Mohaka Marae and throughout Mohaka, Ngati Pahauwera, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Many thanks to whanau in Mohaka, cast, crew, Peen Productions and NZ on Air.

Starring Toni Huata, Te Okanga Huata-Wagner, Ashanti Culshaw-Tahuri and all families from Mohaka.

Music to Mohaka is found on the Kahungunu Maranga CD.

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Written by

Moki Hopu

9 Mar 2017