Wandering Soul - A New Solo Piano Album

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Her hands and the piano keys are her voice, as pianist Rachel LaFond tells the listener a captivating tale with Wandering Soul. This is a stunningly emotive and soulful debut album of original solo piano music.

Created during a year of worldwide travel, with pieces composed in the Pacific Northwest, the subtropical North Island of New Zealand, and on top of a soaring skyscraper in Tokyo. From an artist’s basement in Berlin, to the top floor of a village home in South France, to the misty moors of Devon. Come along, take a journey with her, and come out the other side transformed.

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Wandering Soul can be purchased on Rachel's website or iTunes.

Written by

Rachel LaFond

11 May 2017

I write evocative solo piano music designed to remind the listener of the beauty in our world and in ourselves.