Earl of Seacliffe Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Earl of Seacliffe lonely hearts club band
The artist with Michael O Leary
Back drop created for the first offical perfermance of Micheal O learys poetry set to music and perform as The Earl of Seacliffe Lonely Hearts Club Band


The request was for a back drop based on the stgt Peppers famous LP cover. This LP having been a defining moment in Micheal O Learys life.  As it happened, am also a fan so quite a honor.The end result is huge, a mix of fabic painting, collage and as a dress maker, the fabric scraps and patterns used made it more than life size. I believe it has since been donated to the performing arts centre in Auckland.





Written by

Carole Hirst, Faerie Glen Creations

16 Jul 2017

A dressmaker, costume maker, florist and artist.  Creating a little magic every day.