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Ghost box session at The Guardian Building

What happens when Marc does a ghost box session at this Auckland historical building?


MUST SEE! Guardian Ghost Box w/ Bigfoot + NEW UFO footage! See Marc manhandled by a ghost whose invisible hands decides to pull him up on his chair (this was when we were living there). The box turns itself off after he asks a certain question. See the silver saucer UFO footage of alien flight-skill antics in the Coromandel. I estimate to be doing close to Mach 3 flying close to ground level with no sonic boom(through calculations on Google Earth). Never released to the public, captured back in April of 2017 while filming a documentary on Bigfoot in New Zealand. UFO’s & other strange light anomalies are sometimes seen in or around Bigfoot habitation areas. Haunted Man, Marc shares some interesting pieces of Bigfoot (including audio vocals) interaction including voices, tree snaps, tree structures, stones getting hit together, the remains of healthy big trees torn down like matchsticks. 

This short video packs a big paranormal punch to the mind. The ghost box repeats words over & over refuting claims that all is produced is mere radio spatter. Will this video shake your reality bubble? You might never think of New Zealand the same way after seeing this video!

Technical Information: 

Assorted videography with mostly a Canon XA-10 prosumer camera. 

Written by

Marc Coppell

20 Aug 2017