Environmental Art Exhibition

Professor Adlington with moa specimens
"Steampunk Explorers and Moa Bones" exhibition in K Rd


As an environmental artist living on the North Shore in Auckland, I am honored to be able to present an installation on the extinction of species in NZ at Buana Satu 229 K Rd -as part of LOOK@KRd (Auckland Artweek Oct 5-17):

"Steampunk Explorers and Moa Bones"

The story suggested by this installation is that in 1888 a group of steampunk explorers fly in an airship to unexplored Fiordland in search of the last of the moa.

Unfortunately, the extinction of the moa had been rapid - it is estimated that within 100 years of Polynesians landing in New Zealand the entire population of this unique species had been killed and eaten.

On display will be are some Steampunk-style clothing worn by the airship crew, several pieces of their equipment, as well as the expedition’s finds of moa remains.

The purpose of this installation is to draw attention to the fact that currently New Zealand has the highest rate of species extinction in the world.

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Written by

Martin Adlington

18 Sep 2017

Interests  I enjoy beachcombing, dumpster diving & trash trawling for discarded items to use in my environmental sculptural & trashion pieces. Currently I am working part-time at Buana Satu In K Rd Auckland, where a selection of my pieces are on display.