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Kuro Shiro | Oriental Fusion Sleeveless Open Fork Long Dress Regular price
A range of Hand drawn designed dresses and bags for women, Inspired by East Asia.


This collection was Inspired by tales from my past High School trip in Japan, and the sticky heat of Singapore where we had a brief stopover on the way back to New Zealand.

Since that trip of lifetime almost 20 years ago now I have had a soft spot for the Asia.

From the black and white Koi (carp) fish with their bright flashes of red found in waterways in Kyoto to a decorative fan brought in Karatsu - Oriental Fusion is a collection inspired by all Influences in the East.

"Wear something from our Oriental Fusion collection and start creating fond memories of your own to inspire whatever your heart desires." xx Adam NZ

Technical Information: 

Kuro Shiro | Oriental Fusion Sleeveless Open Fork Long Dress

Regular price $29.99 USD

Kuro to Shiro (Black to White) Dress

The beauty of a dress lies in the happiness it brings to the one who wears it. This striking dress features a mixture of Polynesian hand drawn Tatau and a fusion of an oriental colour palette, Inspired by influences from Japan, this is a great unique addition to your day or evening wardrobe 

* Made from Polyester 92%, Spandex 8%.
* Soft, smooth, lightweight and quick drying.
* Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
* Hand wash in cold water only.

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A Thing Of Love | Mea Alofa

28 Sep 2017

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