Why 6th February is important to me

As Bob Marley said: "Light up the darkness."
Singer-songwriter Richard Philip sings a song to celebrate the cool things that were born on Waitangi Day.


I was thrilled to learn that wonderful things were born on the day and year of my birth: 6th February 1975. The Treaty of Waitangi was born on 6th February, the Waitangi Tribunal was born in 1975, and reggae legend, Bob Marley, was born on 6th Feb. I had to write a song to express how cool this was to me! I'm not Kiwi by passport (I was born in Singapore), but, in a broad way, I draw inspiration from the spirit of Aotearoa (New Zealand). I wrote Firelight to celebrate the fact that my birthday is also a public holiday in the land of the haka, rugby, the glowworms of Waitomo that gave me an idea of what a universe of green stars would look like, and everything else that's symbolic of a legendary warrior spirit matched only by a boundless empathy. Happy Birthday.


Written by

Richard Philip

2 Feb 2018