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I feel that my life is given to me to create and inspire imagination and possibility in others by artistic example and creative thinking 

Joe Te Wharau Moore Mc Enteer - a Renaissance Man of Ngati Maru / Pare Hauraki has embraced technology to produce a unique collection of Taonga

3D Printed in nylon polymide and finished in a brigh,rich coloured dye Joe's Smart TIKI are detailed with Ink Ta - Moko applied by hand to the engraved inlays.The TIKI are strong and flexible and programmed to interact.Each nylon TIKI is embedded with a programmable NFC microchip allowing it to interact with the digital world around it.

Read a full interview with the designer of these pieces and you will find an articulate voice for Contemporary Indigenous Design and Technology from the Asia Pacific region.

Feedback - how have people responded to your Smart TIKI - are Maori ready for microchip enabelled Whakapapa ?

The feedback I've received has been very positive.I think a lot of people enjoy and welcome new ways to connect,share and record the things that matter to them.My Smart TIKI pieces are in my view a little tickle,a playful experiment warming up for some really amazing things to come.The concepts about Whakapapa revolve around the sharing and passing of knowledge,I think we're obligated to future generations to utilize and embrace technologies to bring these inherited concepts with us and into the future.

Are there any specific Ngati Maru / Hauraki references in these Taonga ?

I wanted V1.0 to be relatable to a wide variety of people and so it's been developed to be quite simple and reasonably general.V2.0 I'm currently working on is a little more complex and I hope to tell a a story thats more specific to Hauraki and shares a little bit of our whakapapa.

Digital Art and Technology are emerging fields - how do you think Pare Hauraki should approach this domain ?

With open arms and an open mind,throw everything you can at it because at the end of the day,these are a reflection of ourselves and our development as a people and culture.If we want to move forward,have our perspectives valued,have the unique points of our culture recognized  and embrace a bright beautiful future then art and technology are a key thing to support.After all creativity results in opportunity and together we make our world a better place.

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10 Feb 2018

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