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Dancing Crumpled Odd Pair

Dancing Crumpled Odd Pair
Sports Shoe
40 Harmful Chemicals
Dunedin Fringe Photography Exhibition: Exploring our Social-cultural Relationship With Pre-used Discarded Stuff.


Artist and photographer Alan Dove reimagines found objects in his captivating new exhibition Dancing Crumpled Odd Pair

Based on ordinary, discarded objects found on Dunedin streets, Dove’s images are anything but ordinary. Through his lens they acquire human traits and emotions, inviting the viewer to imagine their story in the same way that we might contemplate the descent into tragedy of a fellow human being.

Through the attribution of human qualities to these ‘discards’, Dove’s work demands a more personal exploration of the socio-cultural disconnect between prolific consumption, and our inability to deal with the aftermath.

Wrapped in a soundscape of found and familiar sounds, Dove’s show is an immersive and reflective experience. 

Dancing Crumpled Odd Pair is part of an on-going fine-art series Sh*t That Finds Me in The Street produced by Dunedin artist and professional photographer Alan Dove. The exhibition is part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival.

Dancing Crumpled Odd Pair opens at 12 noon on Thursday 8th March at the Alan Dove Photography Studio, Level 2, 140 George Street, Dunedin (above Specsavers).

        Open:  12 – 6pm, 8th to 17th March 2018 (except Sunday 11th March).

        For more information contact: Alan Dove 03 4777 164, 0274 793 192

Written by

Alan Dove Photography

1 Mar 2018