"The Witch of the Pacific: A Fairytale by M.L.E Brown"

The Witch of The Pacific: A Fairytale by MLE Brown
Book One in 'The Chronicles of the Portuguese Falcon', available now at the Amazon Kindle Store


In the early sixteenth century, Spain and Portugal were the super-powers of the world,  So powerful were the two nations that the Catholic Church divided the seas and the New World and all its potential treasures between them to avoid potential war.  Secret expeditions were mounted by each state to claim the new territories.  'The Witch of the Pacific' imagines one such expedition to the South Seas in 1520.

The story follows the fortunes of young Micas, a crewman on a Portuguese expeditionary vessel, who encounters a mysterious tribe of South Sea natives when his ship is blown towards an unknown archipelago.  Accidentally entering a fantastical world-within-a-world, Micas must eventually race to save his shipmates and himself from catastrophe.  But in the journey he finds all the beliefs he has brought from the Old World called into question in the new one.  

Set in pre- European New Zealand, 'The Witch of the Pacific'  coming-of-age adventure tale with a twist and is aimed at an audience 14 years and over. 

Written by

MLE Brown

12 Jun 2018