LUXEMBOURG poetry collection by Stephen Oliver, Greywacke Press, Canberra, July 2018

LUXEMBOURG poems by Stephen Oliver, Greywacke Press, Canberra, 2018
reviewed by Geoff Page
‘Stephen Oliver is one of New Zealand’s finest poets.’—Patricia Prime, Takahē




Author: Stephen Oliver

Publication date: July 2018

Format: softcover

112 pages

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN    978-0-646-98696-8

RRP $24.95

Greywacke Press

Stephen Oliver is one of Australasia’s major poets who can make us see the world, in all its particulars, anew—a poet whose depth of imagination is everywhere apparent, an imagist whose poems catch consciousness at its very margins

‘Stephen Oliver is one of New Zealand’s finest poets.’—Patricia Prime, Takahē

‘We should look for the genuine commonalities between Australia and New Zealand rather than reinforce existing distinctions. It is here that I find the poetry and prose of Stephen Oliver so valuable.’—Nicholas Birns, Antipodes: A Global Journal of Australian and New Zealand Literature

Stephen Oliver—Australasian poet. He has published 19 volumes of poetry. Lived in Australia for 20 years. Currently in NZ. Appeared in Writing To The Wire Anthology, edited by Dan Disney and Kit Kelen, University of Western Australia 2016; and, Manifesto: An Anthology of 101 Political Poems, edited by Emma Neale and Philip Temple, Otago University Press 2017. His previous collection GONE: Satirical Poems: New & Selected, Greywacke Press, Canberra, Australia, 2016 is only available through Amazon.

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‘Stephen Oliver, as evidenced from Luxembourg, his nineteenth collection, is plainly a skilled and substantial poet with an admirable range in both genre and technique. His underlying impulse may be lyrical but the political is hardly less important. There is also an enjoyable slice of comedy and satire — and a variety of forms which include blank verse sonnets and numerous prose poems. There’s also a recurrent medieval colouration in some of his New Zealand poems, especially when allegory is involved … Oliver uses it effectively to reimagine landscapes and infuse them an extra depth.’ - Quote from Geoff Page’s review of Luxembourg in The Australian

Written by

Stephen Oliver

20 Jun 2018