secret places landscape photographic series created using intentional camera movement.
Showcase / Amanda Keogh
Photographic landscape impressions.
Amanda Keogh
Showcase / Alex Efimoff
Portrait of James
Alex Efimoff
Showcase / Alan Dove Photography
Dunedin Fringe Photography Exhibition: Exploring our Social-cultural Relationship With Pre-used Discarded Stuff.
Alan Dove Photography
Showcase / Richard Philip
Singer-songwriter Richard Philip sings a song to celebrate the cool things that were born on Waitangi Day.
Richard Philip
Hong Kong sky
Showcase / Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna
Starting out as a study in pencil, the works move on to what the line is and can do.
Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna
Lost and found
Showcase / Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna
'Lost and found' is the result of a visit to the past, a collection of artistic residue that seems to stick to artists' cupboards, attics and the dark corners of the studio
Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna
Showcase / M.A.D. Maori Art Design
Celebrating New Zealand's heritage, indigenous and contemporary art + design
M.A.D. Maori Art Design