Photo by Serena Stevenson Creative
Showcase / Margaret Lewis
How do people end up sleeping rough? Our interactive maze takes people on a journey from being housed to homeless. Along the way it sheds light on what it is to be homeless in Auckland.
Margaret Lewis
Kuro Shiro | Oriental Fusion Sleeveless Open Fork Long Dress Regular price
Showcase / A Thing Of Love | Mea Alofa
A range of Hand drawn designed dresses and bags for women, Inspired by East Asia.
A Thing Of Love
Showcase / GLORIA Publishing
Forty Three, a book of photography by Alice Connew, was made during a freezing day in the middle of Berlin’s worst winter in forty-three years.
GLORIA Publishing
Showcase / GLORIA Publishing
Between Two Strangers: Twelves Stories of Migrating Artists is a collection of stories and interviews from artists on the challenges of maintaining an artistic practice in another country.
GLORIA Publishing
Studio One Toi Tu - Ponsonby Precinct
Showcase / Studio One Toi Tū - Creative Residency Programme
Emerging creatives spend the summer honing their craft in the leafy inner city suburb of Ponsonby by applying for a studio residency at Studio One Toi Tū.
Studio One Toi Tū - Creative Residency Programme
Showcase / SweetArts
Single released 4 August 2017. from Manzo's second album 'Outsider' releasing 2 September 2017
The Coffin Club - Loading Docs documentary
Showcase / Loading Docs
A group of rebellious, creative Kiwi seniors give death the finger, one crazy coffin at a time. Loading Docs 2017
Loading Docs
#Losing - Loading Docs 2017
Showcase / Loading Docs
While preparing for a live performance, a poet reflects on his losing battle with a degenerative bone disease. Loading Docs 2017.
Loading Docs