Attracting a Crowd

Crowdfunding - go fund yourself. Helen Baxter looks at the who, what, when, why and how of crowdfunding campaigns.


Crowdfunding - go fund yourself. Everyone seems to be doing it - with different degrees of success. In the latest Generator, we look at the who, what, when, why and how of crowdfunding campaigns.

And it needs thinking about.

Helen Baxter says of crowdfunding, “Without a good promotional strategy across old and new media to back up your campaign, it’s like putting a poster on your bedroom wall and hoping the world will see it.”

Among the key things to consider are

  • What you are fundraising for?
    There are specific platforms that cater for creative sector projects, for social innovation/community projects, as well as some which are specifically focussed on a niche creative area – such as film, music/bands, playwrights/getting plays to stage, writers aiming to get books published.
  • Where is your project based?
    If your project is taking an NZ stage show to Sydney, and you are trying to find a new audience in a new country, then you’d perhaps be best to choose an Australian located platform as chances are it’s got a large Australian resident user base.
  • Who are your givers and why should they give?
    If, as in the previous example, you are offering rewards such as tickets to a play in Sydney then chances are a funder living in the US is going to be less interested in investing, so again best to find a platform that will have the maximum number of Sydneysiders who are interested in stage performance.
  • How are you going to plan and deliver?
    If your reward(s) need to be physically sent/posted, then you need to think about the cost of packaging and international postage as this can be eye wateringly expensive, especially if the folk live in parts of the world far from where you are located – this may affect not only the reward offered but also the platform you choose. Think about the cost of those real life experiences too, and include them in your budget.

Helen says there are critical things that should be on your 'to-do' list to increase your chances of success. Her exercises take you through how to choose a crowdfunding Platform, Planning your crowdfunding campaign and then making it Perform.

We've also been talking to New Zealand creatives about their crowdfunding experiences, with case studies so far on publishing a comic book, an exhibition to China, a dance tour to Europe and staging a original New Zealand musical.

Now you've seen what is possible; plan and prepare and then put your crowdfunding skills to use!

Generator: Crowdfunding, it's all the rage. Tell me about the nuts and bolts.


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4 Sep 2012

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