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It's been a full year - thanks for coming along on the ride with us! Here's a wrap up of our best stories for your summer reading pleasure.


What a year! Our membership meter hit over 50,000 which was pretty wonderful. We’re now publishing six stories a week, running a mentoring in the arts program, and are broadcasting good news to over 26,000 social media followers. This year you and members of the community have loaded over 5,000 opportunities, events and announcements. The Big Idea is the online pulse for arts and creativity in New Zealand.  

We hope you are are looking forward to spending time with friends and whanau - we are! So from our team here, we wish you a Meri Kirihimete and a happy festive season.

Our last newsletter of the year will be on the 20th of December. We’ll be taking a break until 21st January 2019, but do keep your eye on our job boards as there will be plenty available for you to look at and apply for. 

In the meantime, we want you to enjoy 2018’s best stories, just in case you missed a goodie.

The awards for most well-read stories on The Big Idea in 2018 goes to….

Best Raves

  1. Soapbox: Opinion piece by Jacinda Ardern
  2. Soapbox: “You’re not Māori. You’ve just got Māori in you.”
  3. Soapbox: Artists Copyright is a No Brainer
  4. Passing the bucks: a living wage for artists

Best Arts Smarts

  1. Making a living from creative talent
  2. Instagram for artists - How to use Instagram to build your audience
  3. Landing a job in the arts
  4. How creatives deal with not knowing what they’re doing
  5. Making a living by teaching your skills
  6. Follow the Money: number-crunching, savings and taxes for artists

Best Advice

  1. Advice to my 22-Year-Old Self: The Gospel of Ahi Karunaharan
  2. Advice to my 22 year old self: if you want to travel, live in New Zealand!
  3. Advice to my 22 year old self: Evie Kemp
  4. How to survive and thrive as an introvert in the arts

Best Features

  1. Lowdown #18: Sparks fly in funding fireworks
  2. Who got the gig? The aggressively gentle Audrey Baldwin
  3. The many colours of Jennifer Ward-Lealand

And that's a wrap!

See you in 2019 for lots more creative inspiration, wisdom, how-tos and celebrations of YOU - our fantastic arts community - you make Aotearoa proud. 

From the team at The Big Idea / Te Aria Nui

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The Big Idea Editor

12 Dec 2018

The Big Idea Editor

Amanda Billing: Image: Dean O'Gorman
Amanda reflects that she may have arrived here faster with hindsight. Maybe.
Xin Ji in RUSHES, 2018
Your university degree may not necessarily be the highway to happiness. Director and creator Malia Johnston shares the detours and lessons she’s learnt along her way.
Image: Dawid Malecki for Unsplash
Employers increasingly look for the complex analysis skills, emotional empathy and leadership traits that arts degrees cultivate among students, reports Andrea Simpson.
Penny Kember, alias Merthyr Ruxton, in Paris
Some golden advice on managing in the creative world, brought to you by a contemporary abstract artist.