CIRCUIT: 2017 End of year wrap-up

Cameron Ah Loo Matamua, Abby Cunnane, Mark Amery and Judy Darrag
The CIRCUIT end of year wrap hosted by Mark Amery accompanied by Cameron Ah Loo Matamua, Abby Cunnane and Judy Darragh


For our 2017 recap, host Mark Amery is joined by Cameron Ah Loo Matamua, Abby Cunnane and Judy Darragh. Topics covered include; powerful women, generational shifts, emerging artists, Documenta, Labour's arts policy, great pieces of writing, documents and flags. Honourable mentions are made of many but include Sione Monu, Chris Krause, Leafa Wilson, Ahilapalapa Rands, Lana Lopesi, Luke Willis-Thompson, Matt Galloway,  Dirt Future, Gil Hanly, and  we raise a glass in memory of Paul Cullen.

Listen to the podcast below to get the full conversation:

Thanks to The Audio Foundation, Auckland for the recording facilities.

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CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand

18 Dec 2017

Interests CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand is an arts agency that supports New Zealand artists working in the moving image through distribution of works, professional practice initiatives, commissioning and critical review.

A discussion on how women artists are represented in the history of experimental film.
On the phone from Sydney, Jae Hoon Lee talks to Mark Amery about showing his work in a hotel at the Spring 1883 art fair.
A review of Demented Architecture at City Gallery and discussion on whether the show sets out to present the two disciplines as the best of enemies.
How does a film-maker respond to a poem? Nova Paul talks about the making of her film Still Light and film maker Joanna Paul's 'radical simplicity'.