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Industry Links: Film & TV

For whatever reason, sometimes we can feel alienated from the industry we work in. Ande Schu


How Freelancers Can Succeed: For whatever reason, sometimes we can feel alienated from the industry we work in.

Ande Schurr recommends joining a community of interest and offers his list of film and TV industry links.

* * *

No man is an island, entire of itself.

This famous line was written by John Donne in the 17th century. It speaks of our need to be around people. Even if we are strong "self-made" individuals, we can't deny that we are nothing without those who hold up the world around us and provide the conditions for us to work in. For those of us in the film and TV industry it is the line producers who bring films to be made in NZ and local producers and production managers of TV shows, TV commercials and corporate videos who need a crew.

For whatever reason, we can feel alienated from the industry. Sometimes it is because we are new and lack contacts and confidence. Other times we may have become disillusioned with some aspect of the industry.

The great news is that there are many communities of people and organisations you can belong to who will welcome you provided you introduce yourself to their members. Some you pay to join, some are free.

Explore each link and see if you can't expand your community.


Film Auckland  [PAY]

A brilliant organisation funded by the Auckland tax-payer which makes it easier to film in Auckland, lock down locations, cross the 't's and dot the 'i's. $50 per year gets you a membership with many perks, not least exposure with some top technicians and producers.

Screen Auckland

A free forum, hosted by Film Auckland, where you will meet other film and TV contacts.

NZ Techo [PAY]

$243 per year. The NZ Techos Guild gives you representation should any funny business happen to you on set. They offer professional advice and political influence so we all have better working conditions. They are the creators of the Blue Book you will have heard spoken about.

News and Magazine Blogs

A new blog with a focus on the technical aspects of shooting.

New Zealand Film TV

Cut and paste stories from other outlets  writing about the NZ film and TV industry. Nice to have it all centralised here.

ScreenHub [PAY]

$89 per year/142 per 2 years. A great service with news and job opportunities from the NZ and Australian market. Intelligently edited by Keith Barclay.

View Finder

A free monthly magazine put out by an international photo journalist and former journalist for the NZ Herald, Steve Hart. Great diversity, good product reviews, sound, camera, art plus other departments all represented and pitched to the enthusiast and professional alike.

Crew Lists

Data Book

A free listing gives you a small profile that only subscribers can view so it probably makes sense to get the premium version where anyone can click and see all your details.

Quick Crew

Free. Designed by Flying Fish. A gold mine of contacts. Just be careful as some contacts are out of date.

NZ Crews [PAY]

$200-300+gst per year to be listed on their website. They don't promote you or put your forward. It is simply a place to have a profile including pictures and videos.

Film Crews [PAY] 

$100+gst per month diary service. Well managed by Sioux Ferguson. She doesn't promote you but simply puts your name forward along with everyone else. One or two jobs per year justifies the fee. We also get a monthly newsletter with news on upcoming film and TV productions.

Written by

Ande Schurr

13 Sep 2010

Corporate video producer and production sound recordist now based in Singapore after a 15-year career in New Zealand. Video clients incl. universities, tech startups, medical clinics and business consulting agencies. Sound clients incl. Netflix, Discovery, BBC, National Geo.