Malika Tirolien: An unmissable voice

Danny McCrum leads a candid conversation with impressive vocalist and songwriter, Malika Tirolien.


Malika Tirolien is an extraordinary singer and songwriter who gained international acclaim when she sang on Snarky Puppy’s album Family Dinner. She grew up in Guadeloupe before relocating to Montreal. She soon established herself on the local jazz scene and performed with many great bands including Groundfood and The Brooks. Since her performance with Snarky Puppy, Malika has released her own album Sur la voie ensoleillée (2014) and most recently a new band called Bokante with Snarky Puppy’s Michael League. They are currently touring the world promoting the new album.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a similar career?

It might sound cheesy but it is still relevant: Never give up.

What is the biggest challenge that you see for people seeking a career in the creative sector and how do you navigate that challenge?

It can get pretty wavy financially and emotionally. Also, it is a LOT of work since independent artists have to do everything for themselves nowadays...But there is also nothing better than doing what you love everyday, even when it gets hard, it always stays exciting, rewarding and fulfilling.

What has inspired you?

Everything inspires. Life, challenges, happiness, sadness, anger, peaceful moments, people you know, things you read, movies you watch, ect...That is what's exciting about life. Everything is a prelude to beauty.


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Don't Give Up Your Day Job

23 Aug 2017

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