New Terrains videos now playing in the air

Clinton Watkins' "Delta" production still
Pioneer City poster
CoLab is pleased to announce that the New Terrains project has gone live and the two videos are currently being shown on long and short haul Air New Zealan


CoLab is pleased to announce that the New Terrains project has gone live and the two videos are currently being shown on long and short haul Air New Zealand flights.

If you're on one of these flights, have a look through the inflight entertainment menu and you'll see the two new media works: Delta, and Pioneer City.

Delta was created by Auckland artist and CoLab lecturer, Clinton Watkins. Identifying a common need of passengers within the aircraft, Watkins created an aid to relaxation and sleep by combining delta waves and meditative video footage. Watkins' video work explores the subjective experience of travel while lulling the viewer into sleep.

Watch an excerpt from Delta.

Wellington-based duo Bronwyn Holloway-Smith and Simon Ward explored the concepts and experiences of air travel in different ways with Pioneer City. The video work  is a tourism video, responding to the destination videos available on inflight entertainment systems. Treating the passengers as successful migrants to the Mars colony, Pioneer City the destination video will introduce new audiences to Holloway-Smith’s project. Pioneer City was first revealed to the public in 2011 through a website, real estate showroom and billboard promoting the colony. 

Watch the ad for Pioneer City.

Additional links: Delta and Pioneer City in situ. 

New Terrains is funded by Creative New Zealand and CoLab, AUT University. Its purpose is to commission new work for the increasingly prevalent new media spaces in our society, ranging from interactive technology to personalised media screens. 

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact Dr. Melissa Laing:

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22 Jan 2013

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