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Four Bros on Show

The Modern Maori Quartet
Take four Maori actors, dress them in suits, let them unleash their musical talents and you’ve got the makings of The Modern Maori Quartet. These four bros have come together from different corn


Take four Maori actors, dress them in suits, let them unleash their musical talents and you’ve got the makings of The Modern Maori Quartet.  These four bros have come together from different corners of Aotearoa and are pushing the boundaries to bring you the premiere of their full-length show 'Nga Bro E Wha' at Galatos Live next month.

Nga Bro E Wha, that combines acting, singing, dancing as well as showcases playing instruments, promises a trip down memory lane into Aotearoa’s past and present but with The Modern Maori Quartet twist and flavour.  This group of insanely talented Maori performers will be weaving a rich tapestry that draws from local music and stories, as well as integrating international hits throughout the ages with an evening riddled with waiata, humour and charm.

“Although we are four actors who graduated from NZ Drama School’s Toi Whakaari, Nga Bro E Wha is not your typical play.  What started off as an idea that I came up with to ensure that we had work in between acting gigs, combining our love for music and acting, has gone off more than we could have ever imagined,” says James Tito (The Almighty Johnsons and Tu) the brains behind the Modern Maori Quartet.

The other members of The Modern Maori Quartet are Maaka Pohatu (Taki Rua Production’s Strange Resting Places and Sydney Bridge Upside Down), Matariki Whatarau (Go Girls) and Matu Ngaropo (Maori Troilus and Cressida, Korero Mai).

Nga Bro E Wha, a play on Nga Hau E Wha meaning the four winds, is directed by Rachel House (The Maori Troilus and Cressida, Hui), with musical direction by Tama Waipara (Fill Up The Silence Album) and choreographed by Nancy Wijohn (Atamira Dance Company).

The Modern Maori Quartet who made a cameo at Everything is Ka Pai, during the recent Auckland Arts Festival, brought the house down. 

“But that was just a sample of what Nga Bro E Wha is set to bring you.  We have been working on the music and devising the storyline injected with heaps of humour,” says Tito.

Nga Bro E Wha is produced by Teresa Brown of Boss and is on at Galatos Live from Oct 3-9, 7 pm.  Tickets:  Dash Tickets, ph 0800 327 484 or see


My favourites...four sharp dressed men in suits and skinny ties singing harmonies and sending themselves and the music up just ever so..."

Radio NZ review of Everything is Ka Pai show at Auckland Arts Festival 2013


Top class...inspiring kaupapa. Rawiri Paratene NZOM

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For interviews and more information please contact publicist Sharu Delilkan on 021 652 175 or Images available on request.

Written by

Sharu Loves Hats

24 Sep 2013

SHARU LOVES HATS (PRODUCER SHARU DELILKAN) With over 20 years experience as arts journalist, PR Consultant and music manager, Sharu’s production company Sharu Loves Hats specialises in producing, publicising and marketing the arts.