New digital consultancy Alloy delivers a unique blend of creativity and technology

New digital consultancy Alloy launches


A desire to combine strategy, empathy, creativity and technology to deliver customer-centric experiences and work more effectively in an increasingly fragmented digital world has resulted in a new player on the consulting scene – Alloy.

Founded by the award-winning team of Rod Schofield (former managing partner at Clemenger BBDO | Touchcast), Mark Glenn (former head of experience at Clemenger BBDO | Touchcast), Clare Warne (former digital director at Ocean Design) and Andrew Joll (former technical director at Touchcast), Alloy focuses on making digital work for people, and ensuring it delivers real value for organisations.

“Many of the current digital marketing models are broken and clients are calling for consultancies that embrace true collaboration and deliver better customer experiences,” says Schofield, who heads up Alloy as CEO, bringing over 30 years of experience to the company.

“Alloy is founded on the belief that art and science must be equal and essential. Trying to bring modern digital thinking into a traditional brand agency, or attempting to get a development house to understand and embrace emotional drivers is often in conflict with their core purpose.

“We started Alloy because we’d seen clients struggling to keep pace with the constantly changing landscape, often using existing processes and systems that were counterproductive to what they wanted to achieve. Our approach is to seamlessly blend with our clients – understanding their context, enhancing their capabilities and introducing a fresh, customer-focused perspective,” explains Schofield.

Choosing to be part of a team that he’s worked closely with over the past four years was a no brainer. Schofield, Glenn and Joll have a proven track record together, between them having shaped digital transformation initiatives at Spark, produced global awareness campaigns in education and immigration sectors and created world-class websites and experience design for FlyBuys, Cigna, ACC, Worksafe, Save The Children and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, to name a few.

Alloy’s Head of Experience, Mark Glenn says that championing customer needs and motivations is a key part of how they help their clients.

“We identify key moments (both pain points and highlights), where customers interact with a service or product, and then we resolve or amplify those moments – connecting them to create journeys that deliver better awareness, consideration, sales and loyalty.”

Glenn’s unique ability is to see both the moments and the journey, knowing when and how to combine emotional and rational drivers to turn attention into action.

Alloy’s Head of Technology, Andrew Joll, has over 12 years’ experience in top technology roles, with a background in creative technology and user-experience. He says technology is often seen as ‘overwhelming’ or ‘high risk’. The Alloy team simplify and mitigate perceived risk by creating working prototypes to test ideas before significant investment is made.

“The tech industry is frequently reinventing the wheel, opting to create things from scratch or pushing clients to buy monolithic digital platforms when more effective solutions already exist. Huge efficiencies can be made by identifying and combining already proven technologies in new ways,” says Joll.

Clare Warne, Alloy’s Head of Business, ran a digital agency in the UK for 17 years and welcomes a consultancy that concentrates on both the client and their audience. “Digital has been over-complicated but it doesn’t need to be. We can bring simplicity to businesses looking for innovative digital solutions that are led by the customer. We also ensure clients realise return on investment from digital – something many have been struggling to achieve.”


Photo (left to right): Mark Glenn, Head of Experience; Rod Schofield, CEO; Andrew Joll, Head of Technology; Clare Warne, Head of Business.

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