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9 years of diary comics collected in 'Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People: Diary Comics'


Bryce Galloway's second book pulls together 9-years of diary comics, many from his Wellington-based zine of the same name - Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People. Galloway's comics diarise everyday mishaps; the awkward and embarrassing, as he navigates life with family, colleagues, and passerby. Intro essayist and editor Tessa Laird writes: "The cat has herpes, the kids have worms, the chicken has mites, and Bryce has an assortment of ailments beyond his digestive tract, including a spasming eye, aching knees, haemorrhoids, stiff neck, tinnitus, and even fleas!"

The book was launched at Wellington artist run space play_station on November 15. A Melbourne launch at Sticky Institute takes place on February 10 as part of Festival of the Photocopier. 

Galloway's 154 page Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People: Diary Comics is published my Pikitia Press and is available for just $20 from a variety of retailers throughout Australasia. 



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Bryce Galloway

19 Dec 2017