Christchurch: A strategy for the arts - Extension for online feedback

We've received lots of valuable insight, and we want to open the floor to even more of you...


The deadline is extended...

A big thanks to the more than 200 of you who've left feedback online and/or attended any of our workshops over the past few weeks. We've received lots of valuable insight, and we want to open the floor to even more of you...

For that reason, we're extending the deadline for feedback to 10 SeptemberLeave your feedback here, and pass this message on to everyone you think may have something to say!

What we've learned so far

On the various topics we talked about, we heard some clear priorities for each:

Physical space
The standout issue here is the need for more spaces to do art, in whatever form. Affordable and innovative accommodation and studio spaces were hot topics too.

Expanding art
The strongest desire is for the city to integrate art and creativity into the "everyday". The sector is looking for more positive messages about the arts and wants to make sure we honour the Treaty relationship. There's also support for more arts events and arts-related health and wellbeing programmes.

Empowering artists
The big ones here include improved leadership in the arts community, with more opportunities for collaborate within the sector, and to simply get together. There was also a push for a 'who's-who' and 'who-has-what' database that lets creatives and organisations connect with opportunities for work, supplies, spaces, etc, and Exchange Christchurch (XCHC) has already got the ball rolling on this themselves. Ka mau te wehi!

The consensus is for reduced paperwork, or in making it easier to fill out and manage – and that doing this would improve the transparency in the process. Innovative approaches to funding were also discussed, including with local and central government and with the private sector.

Inter-sector partnerships
There's a desire here for more partnerships with business and support to broker these relationships. The sector also wants to work in partnership with government agencies.

What happens next?

·         The information we've received from you will inform and shape the strategy. Drafting begins in September, and the Working Party will meet several times to make sure the emerging draft represents the aspirations of the sector and those who've fed into the process. The Working Party has an independent chair (Huia Lambie) and includes Christchurch City Council, CoCA, Ōtautahi Creative, RAD Collective, mana whenua representatives, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, and the Court Theatre.

·         The Steering Group members meet in late October to confirm they are happy for the draft to be sent out for public consultation. The Steering Group has a rotating Chair and includes Christchurch City Council, Creative NZ, Rātā Foundation, ChristchurchNZ, University of Canterbury, Ara Institute, Word Chch, and the Arts Centre Trust.

·         We aim to have the draft strategy out for public consultation from November to mid December 2018 (exact dates TBC).

·         Feedback will be considered in early 2019, and the draft amended as necessary.

·         We aim to have the final strategy adopted by the Steering Group partners in Late February/March 2019.

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Written by

Chrissy Irvine

4 Sep 2018

Chrissy is on the case running day to day operations for The Big Idea. She's also a documentary photographer. Chrissy is based in Christchurch and always keen to grab a coffee with our southern members.