Finding Connections in Corban Estate Arts Centre Exhibitions December, 2018 to February, 2019

Corban Estate Arts Centre Exhibitions December, 2018 to February, 2019


With a new season on its way, we are pleased to welcome a new series of exhibitions into the Homestead Galleries. Each show features two artists paired together to collaborate and explore their shared connections. On display from 14 December, 2018 to 10 February, 2019; Between strangers with Rowan Panther and Monica Paterson, Over the water with Julian Hooper and Tēvita Latu and Under the same La’ā by Tui Emma Gillies and Sulietti Fieme’a Burrows.


In Between strangers, there is an alluring exploration of muka lace by Rowan Panther and expressive acrylic portraiture on woven mats by Monica Paterson. Paterson draws upon myths and legends for her latest series of painted female figures. She combines this with the art of weaving, marking a development in the traditional Samoan influences present within her practice. Panther has created lei with the unconventional material of muka (harakeke flax, a natural fibre unique to Aotearoa) lace. In doing so, she fuses Aotearoa materials, traditionally used by Māori, with fine weaving and the traditional art and craft of Samoa.  The artworks consider each artist’s individual journey as they seek to connect with their Samoan heritage.


Over the water is an explorative drawing project by artists Julian Hooper and Tēvita Latu, who respond to one another’s drawings from across the Pacific Ocean. Situated in Tonga, Tēvita’s unique surroundings in a tropical climate, contribute greatly to his drawing responses. Julian, on the other hand, paints from his studio in Tāmaki Makaurau. Tēvita and Seleka Club member Taniela Petelo have also been invited to deliver workshops as part of the exhibition, giving a more in-depth view into how Tēvita’s practice is shaped by his current environment.


In Gallery Three, Under the same La’ā by Tui Emma Gillies and Sulietti Fieme’a Burrows is an exhibition that showcases the popular mother and daughter duo, frequently exhibited as collaborators, but shown here as individual artists in their own right. Sulietti’s traditional weaving skills are on display alongside Tui’s contemporary stylised paintings on Ngatu. With the journey to their homeland of Falevai, Tonga, at the forefront of their recent practices, it is a special opportunity to see the shared influences at play whilst acknowledging Sulietti and Tui’s individual areas of expertise.


With an exciting line up for the summer, the exhibitions are a visual feast showing a range of Contemporary pacific art practices. As some look towards traditional modes of making while working with contemporary ideas, others use their art practice to stay connected to their cultures and heritage. We look forward to seeing you at our unique art workshops, with our very special guests from Tonga.


All are welcome to our popular end of year opening night reception on Thursday 13 December, from 6pm. Help us celebrate the year of shows that have passed and are to come.



As part of our public programme, Saturday Gallery Club #44: Seleka Club Workshop, on Saturday 8 December will be our final art event for kids in 2018. In this workshop kids will learn about the different drawing techniques used by Seleka Club members Tēvita Latu and Taniela Petelo.





Exhibition dates:  December 14, 2018 to February 10, 2019 open 7 days a week, 10.00am – 4:30pm

Entry: Free, all welcome





  1. Exhibition opening

Thursday 13 December, 6-8pm

Please join us for the opening reception of Between strangers featuring Rowan Panther and Monica Paterson, Over the water Julian Hooper and Tevita Latu and Under the same La’ā by Tui Emma Gillies and Sulietti Fieme’a Burrows.


Entry: Free, all welcome, in the Homestead Galleries.



  1. Saturday Gallery Club #44 and #45

Saturday 8 December, between 10.30am and 12pm


Join in and learn about a variety of drawing techniques from Seleka Club members visiting all the way from Tonga. This workshop is inspired by the current exhibition Over the water by Tēvita Latu and Julian Hooper.


Saturday 9 February, between 10.30am and 12pm


Inspired by artist Rowan Panthers lace leis, participants will create their own unique version of a lei using different papers and found materials.


  • : Free, for kids and families, all art material provided. This is a drop-in art activity, no bookings needed, in the Homestead Galleries.


*More information about the Saturday Gallery Club for kids and families

These free and fun family art-making sessions happen in the gallery on a Saturday each month. Art activities are designed for children aged 4 and upwards and families the activity runs for around 30 minutes. These sessions are family friendly and children need to be accompanied by an adult.

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5 Dec 2018

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