Waipu Museum Art'nTartan Wearable Art Contest

A coup for the Waipu Museum Art'nTartan Wearable Arts



The Waipu Museum and the Art'n'Tartan organising team are delighted to tell everyone that there will be a brand new Director for this year’s show. The name Stuart Devenie will be familiar to many of you as a New Zealand actor and theatre director who has been involved in theatre productions both nationally and internationally for many years. Stuart was appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to entertainment in the 2008. Stuart's involvement in Art’n’Tartan is a real coup for the museum and it will be exciting for contestants, models, performers and everyone involved to work alongside him.

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The Waipu Museum hold their, now iconic, Art'nTartan Wearable Art Contest each year in July as part of Tartan Week celebrations. Further details from www.waipumuseum.com or their Facebook page.

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Waipu Museum 09 4320746 or Production Manager Claire Drake 021584485

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Waipu Museum - Art'n'Tartan Wearable Art Awards

3 Feb 2019