The Auckland Live Digital Stage

The Auckland Live Digital Stage is the city’s newest outdoor platform for showcasing local and international live arts and entertainment in larger-than-life, big-screen colour and sound.


Launched January 2019 in Aotea Square, the Digital Stage screens a curated programme of short films and video content offering a view into the worlds of dance, music, visual arts, theatre, film and literature.

Auckland Live director, Robbie Macrae says the Digital Stage was conceived as a vibrant digital showcase to inspire, entertain, educate and inform while being accessible to all in a busy and central outdoor space.

“The Digital Stage has been a long-held vision of Auckland Live, and we are delighted it has come to fruition, not only as an alternative platform for showcasing a new generation of unique content, but as an all-ages backdrop to activity in Aotea Square and the wider Aotea Arts Quarter,” says Mr Macrae.

He believes the Digital Stage’s potential as a platform for local, national and international connection is enormous.

Auckland Live Digital Stage curator, Nolwenn Lacire agrees the Digital Stage broadens the avenues for engagement with the creative sector, as well as supporting current Auckland Live partners in digital engagement while exploring new connections and collaborations.

“It’s enabled the team to roll out some really exciting curatorial collaborations with  documentary and TV makers, to programme simulcasts of concerts and events taking place in our venues, and the opportunity to schedule innovative art works and interactive experiences,” says Ms Lacire.

The Digital Stage’s home location, Aotea Square, plays host to a number of public events year-round, each with their own bespoke staging requirements.

Flexibility of any performance platform in this space is paramount, and the Digital Stage’s state-of the art capabilities make it a perfect fit for the civic square.

Housed in a portable container created by Screen LED in Poland, it can be moved to a variety of locations including other Auckland Live venues.

It also incorporates a state-of-the art set-up and pack-down which enables the screen ( from ULA Group in Australia) to be mechanically raised and secured on top of the container for screening, then lowered and stored below when not in use.

The introduction of several layers of automation enables the Stage’s purpose-built control room (located in the nearby Aotea Centre) to function autonomously, as does the  utilisation of broadband fibre for sending live content to the screen for simulcast.


Auckland Live Digital Stage

Aotea Square, 291 – 297 Queen Street, Auckland

Size: 9 x 5m2

Technology: Playbox Technologies’ Airbox Neo for the core playout system. Ross Carbonite for vision mixing.


Auckland Live welcomes expressions of interest for collaborations for the Digital Stage.

Please contact Auckland Live Digital Stage curator, Nolwenn Lacire.

Contact details: 
Meredith McGrath, Auckland Live

Written by

Auckland Live

2 Apr 2019