AU KO TUVALU - I am Tuvalu

"You save Tuvalu, You save the World"


The human impact of climate change is being in explored in raw, moving detail in the play ‘Au Ko Tuvalu – I am Tuvalu’, 23-26 October at TAPAC.

Written by award-winning writer and director Tavita Nielsen-Mamea, Au Ko Tuvalu takes the audience to Tuvalu, the homeland of the world's first climate change refugees, on its final day of evacuations. It follows a family watching their history, culture, and beloved homeland swept away in front of their eyes.

“Au Ko Tuvalu is timely and important”, says Nielsen-Mamea. “Especially for Tuvalu and the other smaller islands that are dealing with climate change on the frontlines. They don't have the privilege of sitting back and acting like climate change isn't real.”

The play, which recently played to packed audiences at Christchurch’s Court Theatre, has been praised for its clever balance of comedy and anguish. The stellar cast includes: Malia ‘Ahovelo, Spencer Papali’i, Fay Tofilau, Susilia Tealei Kauapa and a Tuvaluan community ensemble.

“Following successful seasons in Christchurch and Wellington, the team of Au Ko Tuvalu is excited to be bringing this show to TAPAC to present our work to the bigger Pasifika communities of Aukilani, Tamaki Makaurau”, says Nielsen-Mamea.

Key creatives: Tavita Nielsen-Mamea (Director/writer/producer) Nupaia Talake (Music/dance director).

“…It’s vitality and significance as the human face of drastic climate change for the peoples of the Pacific is undeniable.” - Lindsay Clark, Theatre Review

“…an eloquent Pasifika play written and performed from the heart” - Christopher Moore,

"It is one of those love songs that is tugs at your heart, not just for its beautiful, carrying melodies but because it leaves your stomach knotted and your eyes stinging." - Salote Cama

Further information: 
  • Written and directed by
    Tavita Nielsen-Mamea

Waves are lapping dangerously at the shores of the Pacific Island home to the world’s first environmental refugees: Tuvalu.

Sitting just metres above the water that will soon swallow their home, three siblings hastily pack up their belongings as they prepare to flee to Aotearoa.

While Lifa and Maleko are excited, practising their English and getting ready to begin a new life in New Zealand, their sister, Fetau, doesn’t want to say goodbye.

Following a family watching their history disappear before their eyes, Au Ko Tuvalu showcases the humour, pain and hope that comes from their unfathomable – yet imminent – situation.

Written by

AU KO TUVALU - I am Tuvalu

1 Oct 2019