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Polynesian Metal band, Shepherds Reign bring us their latest single 'Le Manu'.

Itʻs metal with melodic thick textures and big melodies, delivered with attitude and conviction.


 “Let the flame burn until we die”

Shepherds Reign is a Polynesian Metal band and seem to be a world first. The band is made up of 5 brothers, Pacific, Māori and Asian, who are united in their passion for writing and performing hard hitting music that expresses where they are from and shares their life experiences.

Their authentic sound comes from the fact that the members Filivaa James (Vocals, keys), Oliver Leupolu (guitar, production), Shaymen Rameka (drums), Gideon Voon (guitars) and Joseph Oti-George (bass) were raised in South Auckland in Aotearoa New Zealand, a Pacific hotspot and from here, they dream of world domination.

Shepherds Reign is best experienced live, where each band member gives it their all and aims to smack the audience in the face with their performance. The live show is a culmination of years of playing together and developing their natural chemistry and here is where they are most powerful.

Their latest single promises no less, capturing the bands raw energy and a new type of metal experience, that is, one that carries ancient ancestry within the heavy deep metal grooves. Inspired by the legend of an ancient Samoan warrior sent out to battle and represent his kingdom, this is quite possibly the first heavy metal song sung in the Samoan language. The track features unique cultural elements such as the paté drum (log drum) combined with their modern metal style influenced by classic rock and progressive metal such as Gojira, Avenged Sevenfold and Dream Theater.

Regularly performing on the metal and rock circuit and following extensive interest in their debut album from media and the metal/rock community, their latest single 'Le Manu' is here.

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Integrity Promo

31 Dec 2019