'Cosmos' By Audiophysical ft. Wallace

Here’s the sparkly new first single from Audiophysical, aptly called ‘Cosmos’.


From half a world away in the Pacific Northwest, Audiophysical (Andre Lamb) reached out to Wallace in the South Pacific about a spaced out Wurlitzer driven Neo Soul odyssey he had been brewing up. The decision to collaborate was a quick one and was fueled with NZONAIR support. 

Purchase the single for Cosmos - Here  // And the dreamy music video -  Here

Wallace Gollan’s jazzy tone and vocal flair, lend themselves perfectly to the lush bed of strings, keys and warm bass lines in this catchy tune. Lamb has long crafted deep instrumentals set to boom-bap influenced Neo Soul beats and breaks. The pairing yields a cinematic journey of downtempo Dreamtime and this is just a taste of what is to come from Audiophysical.

Stream 'Cosmos' Here

Since 2011 Audiophysical has released an EP, 3 full-length LPs, and a fistful of tracks on compilations or as singles and has big musical plans for late 2020. Hailing from southern NZ and having traveled a few continents, Lamb has taken in the sights and sounds from abroad and you can really hear it in his music. Future soul singer and songwriter Wallace Gollan’s is also a traveller, hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, popping over to Sydney Australia and now she's based in London.

Produced by Lamb and mastered at Kog, this track has a crisp sweet quality to it and would fit on most chill or light night playlists. So sit back, relax and enjoy this latest offering.

For more go to - www.audiophysical.com


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13 May 2020