Replica - The Debut Album from MEDaL

Replica album
MEDaL keeps exploring Post Punk and all its influences, producing Kraut/Art/Alt and some plain dumb fun intense rock and roll all layered in with noisy Moog Synthesizers.


How long can something be ‘Post’ something before it’s a thing of its own? …. and if something like ‘Post-Punk’ was really just a collection of ideas and influences in the first place, then that thing becomes still harder to define.

Stream ‘REPLICA’  HERE  

With a kicker like ‘Wanna Feel Good’ to lead their debut album into the world, you may well consider it a great anthem for such unusual times.  COVID 19 landed right on top of the launch and tour plans for MEDaL’s debut album REPLICA, just released on 180g Vinyl. However, fear not! In the interim, the REPLICA vinyl will be in good record shops, and you’ll be seeing MEDaL in other forms of media.

Watch the Music Video for ‘Wanna Feel Good ‘ HERE

The members of MEDaL have variously been signed to labels like Flying Nun, Mushroom and various indie American outfits like

Ba Da Bing, 3 Beads of Sweat, Last Visible Dog and more, and come from Bands like; Superette, JPSE, The Renderers, Into the Void, Dark Matter, SexyAnimals and lots more.


                                                                                          MEDaL are: Dave Mulcahy, Mark Whyte, John Billows.



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13 May 2020