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Captain Festus McBoyle & Family show us how to manage lockdown creatively with 'Bubble'

Through the eyes of a 7-year-old! Lockdown or ‘Bubble Life’ has been captured in song with true number 8 wire mentality and is released humbly into the world. Honest, Simple, and Beautiful.


New Zealand’s Ultimate Rotten Entertainer Captain Festus McBoyle gets soft and somewhat sentimental with this new song. ‘Bubble’ is expressed in a very pure and honest way, through the eyes of a 7-year-old!

This beautiful song is guaranteed to resonate with families all over the world during these challenging times.

‘Bubble’ was recorded entirely with an iPhone and with all tracks as single takes, it was restored and mixed by

Amos Clarke at sHOWpONY Studios and mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog studio.

Master of music and mischief, Captain Festus McBoyle is a traveling variety show with an impressive showreel Easily catering to children and adults alike with his unique and rich stage presence and crafty humour. Oh and those costumes!!

Captain Festus McBoyle shows us a sneak-peek of life behind his nautical curtain!  His weird and wonderful ways, incorporated with some good ole kiwi ingenuity can be seen in The Making of Bubble - Mini Documentary.  This lovely short documentary produced by Pea-Knuckle Productions is written and directed by Larissa Lofley and funded by NZ on Air.

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Written by

My Lady Agent

10 Nov 2020