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Shall we dance?

Stewart Allan - Shall We dance
Stewart Allan
With dancing currently prohibited in many countries around the world, and inspiration levels at an all-time low, it has never been more important to ask, “Shall we dance?”


With a Modern beach folk flavour, ‘Shall We Dance’ has an ethereal warmth.  Stewarts’ voice embraces you, pulling you in for a sonic celebration of connection and dance.

Stewart Allan is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Aotearoa, New Zealand. From singing behind the Iron Curtain, touring Japan and New Zealand as well as directing and writing music for stage and screen, he sings, plays guitar, piano, and sitar.  Stewart is signed to Rattle Records.  ‘Shall We Dance’ is the first single from his forthcoming album ‘9 Rooms’ Produced by Arli Liberman.                 

‘Shall We Dance’ has already got more than 100 people from around the world to dance together at a time when we have never been further apart, Now it’s your turn to groove!  After writing to more than 200 friends asking them to send in a video of them dancing, Stewart Allan and filmmaker Sammy Riley have created a smile-inducing music video for ‘Shall We Dance’.

Stewart’s joyous song is brought to life by a range of dance styles including flamenco, popping, bachata, and the NZ finger point. 

The music video features 109 dancers aged from 8 months to 77 years old, busting moves in 14 countries across 6 continents. Each video tells a story: indigenous children in India dancing in the shadow of the world’s third-highest mountain; a survivor of a near-fatal car crash in South Africa dancing on crutches; a popping group seeking a different life in one of Colombia’s most violent cities; and dancing with the dead in a cemetery in the USA.

‘Shall We Dance’  is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘9 Rooms’ OUT JUNE 30th, 2021

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