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Introducing an ‘actual’ human being

Bay of Plenty Creative Agency launches Proudly Local Proudly Human campaign


Don’t get stuck on chatbots and automation, say hello to a real human and personalised service – that’s the theme of a new brand campaign by New Zealand’s leading insurance broker, Aon.

WAVE Creative Communications Agency recently launched a nationwide OHH, digital and TV ad campaign - Aon’s Proudly Local. Proudly Human - to show how Aon is ‘reinventing insurance’ by using an actual human being.

Designed and executed by WAVE Creative Communications Agency, the campaign focuses on what sets Aon apart; real conversations and personalised service – putting empathy, intuition, and human-led customer service at the centre of insurance.

Craig Parker, Creative Director at WAVE Agency, says that his team started with competitor analysis to look at how other insurance brands communicate with customers and what makes Aon different.

“We saw the opportunity for Aon to talk about its approachable service, delivered by real humans – not bots, automated sales funnels or waiting in long call centre queues to speak to someone far away.”

Aon’s investment in customer service throughout the regions called for a creative strategy to match.

“Aon don’t dress up their services with AI, animation and impersonal chatbots – instead, they have real people supporting Kiwis with their insurance needs, locally. Through this insight, we designed a campaign that tells the story of how Aon zags when everyone else zigs,” adds Parker.

“When you compare face-to-face service to today’s tech-driven customer service world, it’s actually revolutionary. People are increasingly seeking real connection and assurance – and Aon delivers on that.”

Proudly Local. Proudly Human features a 45-second TV commercial with a human against the visual backdrop of a labyrinth of data and artificial intelligence. Directed by Fraser Chapman at Flying Fish Studios, the TVC stirs emotion and intrigue while conveying the underlying message – Aon’s service is proudly human.

WAVE also photographed 35 Aon insurance brokers throughout the regions – friendly faces that will feature on bus backs, bus shelters, billboards and across Aon’s digital platforms.

Monique McGrath, Aon Marketing and Communications Manager, says there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to insurance, and the company is committed to growing its’ branch office network, when many others are leaving, to continue to meet the specific needs of individuals and offer tailored solutions.

“WAVE helped us stay true to what we believe in – our customers being able to talk, face-to-face, or over the phone with one of our brokers around the country. Our team are real humans, who live locally, and now we are able to celebrate that even more through this creative campaign.”

Proudly Local. Proudly Human can be seen on TV One, THREE, TVNZ OnDemand, OOH and Aon’s digital channels.