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Matilda and the Spare Head
Searching for something ‘out-of-the-box’ to entertain the kids this upcoming weekend - 18 July, Sunday ...?


Searching for something ‘out-of-the-box’ to entertain the kids this upcoming weekend ...? Then look no further than Auckland's first ever showcase of The Lithuanian Film Festival. With a colourfully creative and diverse filmic programme designed just for children; this festival is a celebration of the country’s most recent and highly acclaimed - short and feature length films

A considerable portion of this event is dedicated to entertain and delight the wide-eyed and curious minds of our precious vaikai (eng. children) and of course, the young at heart ...Included in this diverse and inspiring selection are the following award-winning animations:

‘Milkshake Bar’ - a heart-warming tale of a young and innocent animate who aspires to become the local milk bar champion, with his cute and colourful friends and doting mother in tow ... (Director: Urtė Oettinger).

‘Matilda and the Spare Head’ - a quirky, yet ever-so-slightly macabre short film, that follows the journey of an impressionable and bright young girl in her (or her mothers's) quest for intellectual domination. Superbly edited with light-hearted strings, in which to pull the attention of its ingenuous viewers (Director: Ignas Meilunas).

Rounding up this distinctly original and utterly charming children's programme - is the delightful and remarkable short-film ‘Running Lights’ - a beautifully produced tale of life and rebirth, seen through the eyes of a child, using alluring interactive and magical animative technique (Director: Ged Sia).

** After the screening, children and parents will have the opportunity to meet with magician Andy Wonder **


Further information: 

Last but not least ... The Lithuanian Film Festival 2021 will feature a special children's screening of the famed documentary film The Ancient Woods - a silent cinematic masterpiece, full of natural wonder and hauntingly beautiful; a homage to Lithuania's breathtaking landscapes, and an opportunity for both children and parents, to engage and interact amongst the ancient forests and rare fauna.

Auckland’s debut of Lithuanian Film Festival is an unmissable event of pictorial and ocular delight, an exclusive chance to learn more about this historically rich country; and to immerse yourself in it’s mesmerizing scenery and celebrate the creative soul and unique talent of Lithuania’s filmmakers and industry.

** Please check out the full programme below:
18/07/21 10.30 AM - MILKSHAKE BAR 12 min , MATILDA AND THE SPARE HEAD 13min, RUNNING LIGHTS 12min.

Genre - Short Animation. Language - Lithuanian with English subtitles.

18/07/21 12.00 PM - THE ANCIENT WOODS (64min)
Director - Mindaugas Survila
Genre - Documentary (children's version). Language - sounds of nature.

The Best Lithuanian Documentary of 2018 THE ANCIENT WOODS was filmed for four years in one of the last remaining patches of old growth forest in Lithuania, where the boundaries of time melt and poetry is born. The film became the most popular documentary in Lithuanian film history and received numerous international awards. The festival will screen a shorter children’s version of the film so kids can visit the wolves’ caves, black storks’ nests and other natural wonders of the ancient forest..

Preview by Monique Perera

Written by

Lithuanian Society in New Zealand

12 Jul 2021