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Captain Festus McBoyle - Festus 4 Lucy - A Tale of Love (Documentary)

Captain Festus McBoyle - Love Song 4 Lucy
Captain Festus McBoyle
A Tale of Love' is a humorous look at love and explains how the Captain and his lovely wife Miss Lucy Drawers met.


Lockdown life is a prime time to find some unique homegrown entertainment that appeals to everyone, no matter their age. The brand new Documentary featuring award-winning family entertainer Captain Festus McBoyle.  Coming to you from New Zealand, 'Festus 4 Lucy....A Tale of Love' is a humorous look at love and explains how the Captain and his lovely wife Miss Lucy Drawers met. The full story of their whirlwind romance that hasn't stopped since.

The song itself is not just your average slow n’ mushy standard...... NOPE......a one-man-band style’d ‘assault’ which speaks not only of how love is blind but more importantly of how love will conquer all. Wooden legs, Glass eyes, Missing Teeth and of course general untidiness and forgetfulness.....This song is a must for all Family Music buffs around the world. The Captain targets young and old alike with his sharpened wit, choosing never to miss an opportunity to sail listeners just outside of their comfort zone. This song truly is a breath of fresh air and guarantees to inflict a lovin’ smile upon the face of the toughest Villain......Once again the Captains true Punk Rock etiquette shines through. 

Produced by Pea-Knuckle Productions with the help of NZ on air. Directed by Larissa Lofley, Written by Larissa Lofley and Rich Manic, Camera and Editing by Eddie Larsen. A 'mockumentary' styled piece, guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. Contains fact, fiction and a great deal of fruitiness. Proof that love conquers all. This piece supports the release of the new single and music video 'Love Song 4 Lucy'.

Using lockdown life as a magical world for creating new content and behind the scenes footage is not a new thing for Captain Festus McBoyle and his motley crew.  cast your mind back to 'Bubble Song'.  For more information, videos, doco's and songs, as well as activities for children, their website is a great treasure trove for all to explore.

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My Lady Agent

30 Aug 2021

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