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Divas by Ynes Guevara

Tina Modotti, featuring Gordon Walters, Acrylic
Frida Kahlo featuring Gordon Walters, Acrylic
Frida Kahlo, Acrylic
Tina Modotti featuring Bugambilias, Acrylic
Nieves Orosco, Tryptich, Acrylic
Nieves Orosco featuring Gordon Walters, Acrylic
Nahui Olin, featuring Gordon Walters, Acrylic
Tina Modotti featuring Gordon Walters, Acrylics
Tina Modotti Featuring Gordon Walters, Acrylics
Divas depicts Latin divas who in their golden years were admired by their aesthetics becoming attractive subjects for the venturing photographers of the 1920’s.


Divas was inspired by the idea of bringing back previous visual art exploration by renowned artist, to modern times.

Divas depicts latin divas who in their golden years were admired by their aesthetics becoming attractive subjects for the venturing photographers of the 1920’s.

This exhibition plays with a narrative that aims to promote multicultural relations, and evoke present sentimentalism. Focused on displaying a contemporary context to the woman illustrated, re-imagining them in the 21st century and in co-relation to tribute elements from iconic kiwi artist Gordon Walters abstract art and other floral designs.

The continued use of playful colours in high contrast and similar geometrical forms that fence and divide and at the same time merge and unite moves the art pieces to the final stage integrating them all together in to the series presented.

Each diva chosen for this series struck me in the first instance for their beauty and personalities that made them unique and that along with their bravery to stand out, made them transcend. They were ahead of their times, outstanding on their artistic careers, capable and daring, interested in subjects such as, political activism, liberalism and feminism. They were revolutionaries, writers and poets, models and photographers, painters and dancers.

This series is also intended as a tribute to each one of them.

Further information: 

Divas was exhibited at the McKee Gallery in the Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatu in November 2021.

Contact details: 
Ynes Guevara, 021914456

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25 Jan 2022

Self-taught artist, living and enjoying the beautifulSouth Canterbury region, New Zealand, , born and raised in Mexico, I have been in NZ almostnine years, and have to say, for a small island lost in the middle ofnowhere, its been full-on. ... still is....

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