Susanna Shadbolt in front of Aratoi Museum
Aratoi Museum / 12 Mar 2020
Susanna Shadbolt, Director of Aratoi, accepted by Museum Leadership Institute supported by Getty Foundation
Jolt filming 'They call me Sam'
Arts Access Aotearoa / 12 Mar 2020
“The opportunity to meet and learn as well as contribute to a worldwide discussion around inclusive dance is an amazing gift," says Lyn Cotton, Jolt artistic director.
Hosea Tuita'alili and Mapihi Kelland in Nga Manu Roreka. Photo: Philip Merry
Arts Access Aotearoa / 12 Mar 2020
“We are really pleased to provide another opportunity for blind students to experience te reo, both in the play and in the audio description,” says Tānemahuta Gray, Taki Rua Productions.
Chris Ulutupu at an Arts in Corrections South Island Network meeting
Arts Access Aotearoa / 5 Mar 2020
Whether you’ve just started or you’ve been delivering art programmes in prisons for the past 20 years, here are five things that will help ensure your programme is robust, safe and successful.
Integrity Promo / 3 Mar 2020
From her new album ‘Statues of Liberty’, Jacqui brings us ‘Waiho Mai'. A great follow up to her recent reggae track, ‘Simmer’.
Integrity Promo / 3 Mar 2020
New from the 1010’s very own SAM V, ‘SHAWTY’ kicks off his 2020, and it’s fair to say he’s back with a STATEMENT.