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Depot Artspace / 3 Sep 2018
BOOK LAUNCH at BibloHub, Depot Artspace, Saturday, 29 September, 2:00 - 4:00pm
Depot Artspace / 3 Sep 2018
Opening Devonport’s inaugural BiblioHub is the book launch of Fairies of Down Under and other Pakeha Fairy Tales by Geoff Allen, published by Makaro Press.
The Royal Decree, a comic illustration by Sally Bollinger
Arts Access Aotearoa / 27 Aug 2018
“For young people, that kind of distress is something that’s around us, one of the facts of our lives,” says Nova Moala-Knox about connecting with her character in the webseries Tragicomic.
The Outlook for Someday / 27 Aug 2018
An intimate insight into the perspectives of New Zealanders who have lived with disordered eating.