Community Announcements

Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust / 16 May 2018
With 1500 attendees at 42 shows across two venues in 10 days, the Nelson Fringe Festival has proven its value to the community and artists, say organisers.
Some of the cast and crew of Blink, a short film in the making with strong links to Wintec.
Wintec / 15 May 2018
Hidden away in a former dairy factory in Matangi, a group of passionate film-makers, are working on Blink, a short film by writer-director Paige Larianova and producer Chris Williams.
Bob Dylan - image supplied
Blackout / 14 May 2018
Bob Dylan returns to New Zealand for two arena shows this August
Jacqui Moyes, Jane Yonge and Professor Sylvie Frigon
Arts Access Aotearoa / 14 May 2018
"Through dance, women in prison can reconnect with themselves, build their self-esteem, and work with people from the community who come in and teach.”
Richard Benge, Shaun Fahey and Laura Haughey at the NZSL Awards 2018
Arts Access Aotearoa / 14 May 2018
"Laura has expanded the artistic experience of Deaf NZSL users and also provided an effective way to expose the wider community to the expressive power of NZSL and the talents of Deaf actors.”