A poem about powers

Dominic Hoey - photo supplied
Dominic Hoey shares a poem for National Poetry Day


Our Talents Are Super Powers 

my friend taught herself to fly
a party trick 
that ended up being her reason for leaving her dreams every morning 

at first it was just a jump
but soon she could levitate for a few seconds
then a few more 
“It’s all in your stomach muscles” she once told me

some people go to school to learn
they have nets 
and diagrams about trajectory’s and wind resistance  
but it’s expensive and most of the graduates still cant fly 
my friend, she taught herself from books and wasted summers 
“It’s not really something I ever thought I’d be good at”
She said one night as we drank cheap wine on her deck

The first time people see her fly they laugh like children 
“Oh my god, how’d you do you that!?” 
but then they grow sceptical  
“I mean whats its practical application?” they ask
“she's flying!” I yell 
they shrug and go back to their phones

it’s true being able to fly doesn’t pay the rent 
or even for the bus into the city 
so she works in a bar 
long hours serving gasoline to arsonists  
and some nights after the customers all pair off or pass out 
the staff sit around stinking of cleaning fluids and stale beer
drinking and sharing the talents they work to support
and for a few heart beats 
at 2am
everyones fears and debts vanish 
and the room is filled with a low rent magic 

Dominic Hoey's poetry book 'I Thought We'd Be Famous' will be out 24th of October.

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Written by

Dominic Hoey

23 Aug 2019

Dominic Hoey is an author, playwright and poet based in Tāmaki Makaurau. His debut novel, Iceland was a New Zealand bestseller and was long-listed for the 2018 Ockham Book Award.

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