We all make stuff-ups, some are minor, others are monumental and incredibly public. How do you communicate effectively so that you can bounce back?


We all make mistakes. Some are minor boo-boos, others are monumental stuff-ups and incredibly public.  How do you communicate effectively so that you can bounce back?  With more than 30 years experience in the media, Janet Wilson offers some advice in this month's Generator.

Her advice rings true for situations that are not so drastic - like accidentally sending out sensitive files to the wrong person, or  a hot-headed email you sent goes viral!

Janet reminds us that above all you need to be polite, helpful and as open as possible.

"Stay human, be genuine, display concern and empathy, and let the world know what you are doing to remedy the situation."

With that in mind, she has designed a couple of exercises to help you develop a 'media crisis plan' and learn the 'rules of the game'.

After all, as Janet says, "Most organisations have 'Business Continuity Plans' in case of disruption from natural disasters. Few have media crisis plans yet the disruption you may face is far more likely to be man-made than nature at work."

I've had an 'epic' fail - well, it feels that way to me - and it may effect my business. How do I manage this?


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Arts Regional Trust

10 Apr 2012

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