Scotty Pearson: Back to the start

Scotty Pearson
This episode on Don't Give Up Your Day Job we chat to Scotty Pearson of Elemeno P fame about the bands abrupt rise to fame and being kicked out of the States.


Scotty Pearson is best known as drummer for New Zealand band Elemeno P.  The band’s abrupt and controversial ascent (as some people saw it) earned them a solid fan base, significant album sales and more than their fair share of criticism.  We go back to the start.  We talk about Scotty’s beginnings in the punk days of the late 70s, touring with christian bands, Ringo Starr, forming Elemeno P, getting kicked out of the US and the crazy number of drum kits he owns! Scotty is a top guy, really honest and generous with his stories. Enjoy!

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a similar career?

Go for it!  Its taken me all over the world. Amazing gigs. Amazing stories. Amazing friendships. Beautiful memories. Terrible heartbreak and disappointment. Through all of this put your soul into it. Be authentic, try to relax and enjoy the small successes along side the big ones. Work hard at the relationships - you can’t be a successful band/artist if you can’t tolerate or accept differences of the people you work with. Mostly have fun!!!!

What is the biggest challenge that you see for people seeking a career in the creative sector and how do you navigate that challenge?

One of the hardest things is making it pay. I’ve always done music along-side my trade as a Carpenter.  It has been nice to be able to afford to chase some opportunities because of collecting a paycheck. Although you have to choose when to be uncompromising about your commitment to being an artist.  A hard balance.

What is your number one tip for surviving and thriving in the creative industries?

Be nice to people. Do favors if you can. Help if you can. Sometimes a good relationship will put you in front of talent. You never know when you may need to call the favor in.


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Don't Give Up Your Day Job

4 Oct 2017

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